Nicolas Hünerwadel was born in Basel. He studied Architecture at the ETHZ, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Urban Design at the University of Geneva. Nicolas Hünerwadel took up his career at one of Switzerland’s most important architecture firms. Initially entrusted with the architectural design of the main projects, he soon became its principal design architect. For the same company, he later founded the Project Development department with its main activity of transforming industrial zones and brownfields into urban neighbourhoods. After 10 years, in 2003, he left the company and established his own architect’s studio in Basel. In 2007, he opened his second studio in Lima, Peru, to handle his Peruvian projects. Hünerwadel Partnership is consulting on and designing master plans, public and green spaces, public buildings, housing complexes, multifamily and private houses, office buildings, research and laboratory buildings, spaces for art, including the Swiss pavilion for the Leipzig Book Fair.
In 2012 and 2013, Nicolas Hünerwadel was Visiting Professor at NTNU Trondheim (Norwegian University for Science and Technology) at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design. He initiated and co-directed the joint Master programme of NTNU and the URP University Ricardo Palma in Lima on urban development and urban planning. He has lectured at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the UDK (University of the Arts) Berlin, and the University of Kassel. He is currently working on a dissertation and the publication of his interdisciplinary study of the sculptural work of artist Walter de Maria.

Victor Pazos was born in Lima, Peru. He completed the first part of his studies at the Ricardo Palma University (URP). He completed his academic education at the National Superior School of Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux, France, where he got his degree in Architecture and Master’s in Urbanism. Later he got his Master’s degree in Architecture and Philosophy at the National Superior School of Architecture of Paris-La-Villette. He has been working with Hünerwadel Partnership since 2007 and was the project manager of the Real 8 Tower during all its phases. He also actively participates in the development of European operations, including countries such as Switzerland, France, and Germany. He is a member of the Professional Association of Architects in France (l'Ordre des Architectes) and his joining the College of Architects of Peru (CAP) is scheduled for 2017.

Collaboration Arantxa Rejas, Coline Kieffer, Veronica Hirtz, Joanne Kaehlin, Elise Lecat, Baptiste Balbrick, Francis Rivera, Damaris Barblan, Julien Béneyt, Jérémy Buob, Jorge Baertl, Jade Rudler, Marion Spillmann, Erick Thomas, Florent Rouvenaz, Alexandre Calame, Mathieu Hefti.

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