¡Welcome! In 2003 Nicolas Hünerwadel founded his own architecture studio in Basel after working for 10 years as architect and being in charge of the architecture’s design department of a big consulting firm. In 2007 because the arrival of many projects in Lima, “Hunerwadel Arquitectos” workshop gets founded. Since the beginning of the enterprise in Peru, Victor Pazos has worked on the projects in Lima and has actively participated in the consolidation of the professional structure of which he is associated since 2012.
Our work include: urban design, project development, office building, art exhibition spaces, public spaces, laboratories, new constructions and restructuring in the business and private domain.

Meet the team

Office in Basel, Switzerland The activities of headquarter is developed in a workshop located in a private house that is immersed in a garden. In this place we dedicated ourselves to our projects and our clients.

Office in Lima, Peru Together with two associated architects who stay in Lima, Pier Baracco and Francis Rivera we bring the project development and monitoring.

Work fields.

Urban design The research, experimentation and dialogue are tools to find solutions within the complexity of the city. Our professional and academics projects are vehicles of dissemination and exchange.

Architecture Our reflection arises from the concrete reality of each context in which we work. We search solutions under an elementary architectural vocabulary that can be interpreted by the local building techniques.

Stage design We also expand into the performing arts where we spread our interpretation of the world. We build free and fleeting realities as a feedback for our architectural exercise.